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There are a lot of web directories today on the Internet. In fact more than 500 web directories are announced every month! But is there any use of submitting to all web directories? Well the simple answer is NO! Being in this field from 2005 I would advice you to stay away from crap web directories online. Before you start hitting the submission button to directories online, get your research done correctly. You need to understand the difference between a link farm and a pure seo-friendly web directory. A directory with PR 0 is much better than a directory with PR 5 and having categories with more than 1000 links and you being listed in page 50 wherein you get no link juice. Don’t fall into those directory submission companies big submission discount schemes online, ask them to show their directory submission list, manual check every directory, see their approval rate. If there are 10,000 links pending approval, there is no use submitting you might approved in the next 15years.
See if the categories and approved link of a directory has nofollow enabled, that brings you no link juice. If submitting a site to many directories, say for example 500-1000, try your best to bring out at least 50 unique descriptions for your website along with different sub-domains and deep links being submitted. This helps you to keep your website out of Big-Google duplicate content filter and also helps to you get that right link juice.

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