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The aerospace and defense industry has grown to such degree it now uses 30,000 suppliers in all 50 states and generate over two million jobs with 831,000 direct high paying jobs. Space systems have a limited lifespan since they soon become obsolete, needing new modifications, research and development is the cornerstone of both the aerospace and defense industry. The Department of Defense is one of the largest investors in many new defense contracts but many private firms are investing in defense equipment for security firms abroad.

The Government's Involvement in Aerospace and Defense

Like many other countries, the United States takes an active role in the field of aerospace and defense, both within and outside its borders. The realm of aerospace and defense is part of the responsibility of the United States Air Force for military operations and the Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, for civil aviation. The FAA is a branch of the Department of Transportation and exists to oversee the majority of all concerns involving aerospace in the United States. This can be as small as being the responsible party for managing pilot licenses to the complexity of daily air traffic control to reduce the possibility of crashes and other accidents. In addition, the FAA helps to improve civil aeronautics, with research laboratories that aim to further the technology used both to control aircraft from the ground and from the sky. Much of the management of civil aviation is accomplished through the use of Flight Standards District Offices, which are located in many areas of the country.

One area where the government is not directly involved in aerospace and defense is in the development of some new weapons and military planes. It is a common misconception that the government is ultimately behind the creation of new fighter planes. In fact, most military aircraft in the United States is produced by commercial companies, such as Boeing and Lockheed-Martin. In the majority of cases, these commercial companies are contracted by the government for development of a single piece of equipment.

The United States primary intelligence headquarters for aerospace and military defense is at the North American Aerospace Defense Command, known in short as NORAD. This center in Colorado is a combined effort of both American and Canadian forces to stop any potential air attack from foreign invaders and also to be aware of everything that happens in the skies above the two countries. Beginning in 1958, the governmental organization has operated from Cheyenne Mountain and been administered by the United States Air Force. The organization was founded due to concerns about the Soviet ability to use nuclear weapons against the United States and Canada. Systems were already in place to alert attacks coming from the direction of either the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean, but there was no way to stay aware of potential attacks originating from the Arctic Ocean, the most direct route from Russia. The site became operational in the early 1960s and the day to day operations required a staggering 250,000 employees to remain functional. After the tragic events of September 11, 2001, the scope of NORAD's function began to include closer scrutiny of aircraft flying domestically. In 2006, the duties of NORAD were moved to Peterson Air Force Base. The Cheyenne Mountain location remains operational with support staff in case a problematic situation comes up.

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