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Basic information about how biotechnology works and how it is used. An excellent learning tool. Wirehead Hedonism Versus Paradise-Engineering
Any blueprint for eliminating suffering from the living world gets assimilated to two misconceived sterotypes: Brave New World or wirehead hedonism Americans To Ban Cloning
Group of Americans promoting a global, comprehensive ban on human cloning. Hello Dolly!
An entertaining and informative look at the science behind Dolly, from the Why Files at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dolly's Legacy: Scientific American
Nuclear transfer--used to clone Dolly and now owned by Geron--may help scientists develop more potent stem-cell therapies Knowledge Center
Find a collection of news items, technical reports and other documents useful, and that the material assembled here -- which represents many points of view. Agrifood Awareness Australia
Agrifood Awareness Australia is an industry initiative, established to increase public awareness of, and encourage informed debate about, gene technology. Agrifood ...
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