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tes.co.uk: Body Shop - Article - Tes Connect
This artificial hip is just one of three million replacement parts inserted into people every year. Larry Hench and Julian Jones chart the history of implant surgery and ...

gene.com: Macropore Biosurgery, Inc.
Specializing in the use of adipose tissue as a source of regenerative cells and bioresorbable mechanical support. Includes glossary, FAQ, products and services offered ...

neurothor.com: Neurothor - Photomedicine For Nerve Regeneration
Provides information on nerve regeneration with laser and LED photobiomodulation.

en.wikipedia.org: Tissue Engineering - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Tissue engineering was once categorized as a sub-field of bio materials, but having grown in scope and importance it can be considered as a field in its own right.

minucells.com: Advanced Cell And Tissue Cultures 3D Cultures Minucells And Minutissue
Chambers for maintaining differentiated tissues in culture.

biometic.com.au: Tissue Engineering - Home | Biometic
Biometic engineers and manufactures bioactive tissue engineering scaffolds. These tissue scaffolds comprise bioactive glass and can be used to culture cells in 3D.
Keywords: cell culture , culture cells , tissue engineering scaffold , tissue engineering scaffolds

mattek.com: Mattek In Vitro 3-D Human Tissue Equivalents - Non-Animal Alternative Test
Ready-to-use, normal, human cell-derived, fully differentiated, 3-D, organotypic in vitro TISSUE equivalents with unsurpassed, guaranteed long-term reproducibility. Used ...
Keywords: 3-d , differentiated , equivalent , human , in vitro , non-animal , organotypic

ptei.org: Pittsburgh Tissue Engineering Initiative | Advancing Regenerative Medicine
Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Medicine Research, News and Education. PTEI has been a leader of the fast-growing sector of Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering ...
Keywords: biological sciences , biology , biomedicine , life sciences , regenerative medicine

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