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Site Listings Compusa Complaint Forum
A forum for complaints about CompUSA. Cruise From Hell
The cruise from HELL with NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINE. Useful information for those planning an ocean cruise. Screwedcentral.Com
Numerous forums for posting consumer complaints and injustices. In My Opinion
SEO firm allegedly violates a number of ethical standards. Penny Auction Reviews - Which Penny Auctions Are The Best Bargains?
Auction fraud protection and research service. Best penny auction reviews. Auction reviews, information and news. List of top rated sites and a penny auction directory. Complaints Board
Helpful information for consumers regarding allegedly unethical companies, bad business practices. Complain and submit your complaints or research previous complaints I Hate Starbucks
The Starbucks slam session. If you want to blow the foam off the top of your decaf. life, let 'er rip. Stand up against the spread of global capitalism. Whinge.

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