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Let the games begin! Everyone loves games and the best part is the thrill to win. Games have been around for centuries and we still hear or play games that have been around for a long time, just as we hear of new games that come along offering entertainment for everyone. Not only do games offer fun, but it can also be used as an educational tool.

There are games for all likes and for all ages. We have sport games, table games, video games, and then there’s the ones that makes us think a little bit more like educational games, letter games, word games, skill games, quizzes and the list goes on. Not only are games fun to play with, but they are great to share with family and friends. People play games for different reasons whether is for relaxation, curiosity or just plain fun. Games create emotion and challenges, it makes you want to play more, go into the next level, test our abilities and of course beat the game.

Computer games and online games have become so popular that there are millions of people connected in arcade games, strategy games and simple board games that can all be played online. Not to mention virtual social networking games such as Second Life and SIMMS which now claim they have over four million users virtually socializing online.

Computer games are not the only ones available on the market. Wii has brought about a new generation of gaming which simulates body movement far surpassing game console rivals like the Xbox and PS3 which claim better graphics and are HD compatible can’t fully complete with family oriented and user friendly sports and activity based games.

All, if not most classic board games such as chess, monopoly, scrabble and risk which for years have been the most popular group games have been now turned into computer games and console games being able to play with people all over the internet. In the last couple of years the Xbox was one of the first to be able to connect directly online and play in world wide networks which have made them even more popular than their past game versions.

HotvsNot gives you a complete directory offering downloadable games, board games, card games, casino games, puzzles along with a broad variety of online games for adult and children alike. For those of you looking for game tips, links and cheats we’ve got those too. Party games are sometimes the only way to break the ice at a party. Travel games are practical too when getting ready for a long road trip.

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