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Alternative medicine has been around since the beginning. It is commonly used as an alternative to mainstream medicine or practices. Some swear by their effectiveness and defend them; some skeptically approach it only as their last result. Alternative medicine is often followed by alternative life style whether a choice by culture, religion, or simply choosing to be a vegetarian is considered a lifestyle.

Alternative medicine works and its effective however there are no proper established doses.

Featured Listings Go Nutrients
Leading provider of liquid herbal and vitamine supplements. Our products are organic and/or wild-harvested with no GMO's.
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/ Chiropractic Treatment Information By Chiropatient
Questions about chiropractic treatment, costs and chiropractic safety? ChiroPatient is the leading resource for up-to-date information for all your whole life wellness concerns. Sponsored by chiropractors in your area.
Keywords: chiropractic patient education , chiropractic safety , chiropractic treatment Natural Health | Natural Pain Relief Without Drugs Or Surgery
Natural pain relief and all-natural health care without drugs or surgery. Call one of our natural health care doctors near you and get relief today.
Keywords: adhd , asthma , back pain , colic , headaches , migraines , natural health Inspire 360 Nlp
Inspire 360 offers NLP training courses throughout the UK - check out the course calendar
Keywords: nlp Integrative Medicine & Wellness | Health & Dental Treatment Center
Natural Horizons Wellness Centers are leaders in the field of Integrative Medicine and Wellness. Through the use of state-of-the-art protocols, therapies and practices along with our world-class staff, we offer the best in treatment plans.
Keywords: cancer , holistic medicine , ipt , laser therapy , virginia , wellness 100 Pure Essential Oil
In this guide the use of the 100 Pure Essential Oils is explained so that you can use them to treat small ailments or symptoms and to improve your quality of life. Les Huiles Essentielles
Dans ces huiles essentielles se trouvent des chimiotypes (CT), et cet ingrédient essentiel est inclus sous son nom scientifique : pour le thym se serait thymus vulgaris – CT thymol. Home Remedies | Herbal Remedies | Natural Cures | Aromatherapy
Home remedies and natural cures. Home remedy, herbal remedies and natural cures for healing common health problems. Cure yourself the natural way using herbs, vitamins, minerals, juices, teas, aromatherapy and essential oils.

Site Listings Alternative Medicine - Everything You Need To Know About Alternative Medicine
Alternative medicine blog and website, with information on alternative medicine remedies, health conditions, alternative therapies and diets and herbs and supplements. Alaskan Essences
Alaskan Essences - Flower essences, Gem elixirs, environmental essences, combination formulas Altmedicine.Com: The Leading Alt Medicine Site On The Net
Posts alternative, complementary, and preventive health-news. Also reports on wellness and natural means for healthful and longer living. Light Reiki Center - Home
Light Reiki Center - International center of distance study. Distance attunements,akashic records,ama deus, blue star, sacred flames reiki, kundalini reiki, gold reiki... Portal Dowsing Dowser Divining Radionic Radionics Radiesthesia Courses Free
Natural and Spiritual Healing Portal - Free Download basic/advanced Courses of Radionics Dowsing Divining system - Chromotherapy Crystal Healing Reiki Kinesiology ...
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