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Magazines are not just fun and entertaining, but they also provide us with news and information. There's different types of magazines for everyone depending on what you are interested in. You can find from current events, general interest, sports, fashion, cars, recipes, gossip, health, business, arts, among so many more. Magazines are more interesting and captivates the readers attention by the design, what's being written in them and the photographs found in them. They provide us with many different subjects, with stories and articles for every reader. Most of them also contain products and services advertised for sell. There's also the magazines known as tabloids where we find information mostly about celebrities or other fascinating stories that makes you want to read more about. Now with E-zines, reading has become more accessible to all. They are mainly an electronic magazine and are focused on a specific topic. There are thousands of E-zines magazines to subscribe to and almost any topic to choose from. So you have both options to choose from, either an E-zine which can be read from the comfort of your home or office or a regular print magazine which is also practical for when you are on the go and want to take something with you to read along.

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