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Almost all recreational drugs are addictive and can cause dependency. Many people use recreational drugs to experiment a pleasurable feeling making them more confident, happier and also provide them an escape to personal or family problems. All recreational drugs except alcohol and tobacco, with an age limit to buy them, are considered illegal. Many factors can influence the decision of taking a drug. It can either be a way of escaping the real world with all it's problems and worries, or simply for others, it's out of curiosity or experiencing a new sensation.

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drugs-forum.com: Drugs-Forum
Drugs Forum - International community and drugs information: enjoy our forum, chat, pictures, video, music about marijuana, magic mushrooms, amphetamine, lsd, cocaine...

streetdrugs.org: Streetdrugs
Parents, Teachers, Police Officers, Substance Abuse Educators can acquire training aids, brochures, the book Drug Identification Guide and other information, videos...

erowid.org: Erowid
Erowid is an online library containing tens of thousands of pages of information about psychoactive drugs, plants, and chemicals, including entheogens, psychedelics...

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