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Birds are vertebrate, warm-blooded, walking or just remain on the thighs, and the above are modified as wings which, like other unique anatomical characteristics, are suitable for flying, but not all fly. They have the body covered with feathers and birds present a toothless beak. Lay eggs to reproduce, which hatch to hatch.His group is called a taxonomic class Aves to classical systematics, but in this current systematic phylogenetic clade has no range, and is included in turn successively within the clades: Theropoda, Dinosauria, Archosauria, sauropsids, tetrapods, etc.-but there are more nests with intermediate title. The birds originated from bipedal carnivorous dinosaurs of the Jurassic, 150-200 million years ago. Its development led by a large speciation to about 10,000 species today. They are the most diverse terrestrial tetrapods, however, have a great morphological homogeneity in comparison with mammals. Kinship relations of the families of birds can not always be defined by morphology, but DNA analysis are beginning to be clarified.Live birds in all terrestrial biomes, and also in all the oceans. The size can range from 6.4 cm in the hummingbird zunzuncito to 2.74 meters in the sand. Behavior are diverse and remarkable as nesting, feeding their young, migration, mating, and the willingness to partnership groups. Communication between these birds is variable and can involve visual signals, calls and songs. Some emit a large variety of sounds, and are noted for their intelligence and capacity for cultural transmission of knowledge to new generations.The human being has an intense relationship with the birds. In the human economy poultry and game are food sources. The song and the parrots are popular as pets. Use the down of domestic ducks and geese to fill pillows, but before many birds are hunted for their feathers to decorate hats. The guano of birds used in the fertilization of soils. Some birds are revered or repudiated religious, superstitions, prejudices or error. Many are cultural symbols and frequent reference to the art. Since the seventeenth century, bird species extinct because of human activities are more than 120 and are currently over 1200 threatened birds they need for their conservation efforts.

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