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The Top Ten Things to do in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is the smallest of all states in the U.S. A. Don't let the size confuse you though, there are a lot of fantastic things to do and see in this little state. Few states have the access to awesome beaches like Rhode Island does. You'll have plenty to keep you interested as you criss-cross this northeastern state. Here are the Top Ten Things to do in Rhode Island.

10 – Belcourt Castle. There are a lot of historic buildings in Rhode Island. One of the most beautiful and well-loved buildings is the Belcourt History. Pay a visit to this historic site and get an educational tour of this beautiful old mansion.

9 – The Elms. There are quite a few historic, old mansions to see in Rhode Island and most of them are set on some very attractive land. None are on land that compares to the Elms' grounds. This is a landscape that you have to see to believe.

8 – Roger Williams Park Zoo. Every area of the zoo takes you to a different part of the world. You will see the native animals that to that area. This layout and the variety of animals to view makes this zoo a location that has to be visited.

7 – Touro Synagogue. While in Rhode Island be sure to visit Newport. There is a wonderful community of people that welcome tourists warmly. You will also find one the most historic buildings in all the state – the Touro Synagogue. This is one of the oldest buildings in the U.S.

6 – Marble House. You will see many mansions in Rhode Island, but none are as extravagant as the Marble House. Established by the famous Vanderbilt family, you will be amazed at this beautiful house.

5 – The Rhode Island School of Design Museum. Get ready for a different look at architecture and design. Guests have commented that this museum is confusing – in a good way. There's nothing standard or ordinary about the layout of this great museum.

4 – Waterfire. During the summer in Providence, Rhode Island something wonderful happens. The lights go out and torches are lit up all over the city. Romance is in the air and people dine outside. This is a wonderful time to visit and you will want to make it a yearly tradition.

3 – The Providence Ghost Tour. Explore the dark side of the city of Providence with the Providence Ghost Tour. You'll learn a lot of unusual historic facts and feel chills as you hear the supernatural tales associated with times gone by.

2 – Breakers. Perhaps the most spectacular of the cottages in Rhode Island is known as “Breakers”. This is another property that was established by the famous Vanderbilt family and it is an extravagant look at how the old money of this country used to live.

1 – The Cliff Walk. Enjoy a three and a half mile walk that ends with a walk up the legendary “Forty Steps” in Newport. This is a beautiful attraction that has many old stories related to the old days. Walk a historic path in Rhode Island when you visit the Cliff Walk.

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