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Site Listings Workshop For Airborne Geophysical Surveys
Geophysical Consulting in Airborne Potential Field, airborne magnetic surveys, Magnetic and Gravity, Quality Control (QC), Radiometric (gamma-ray) spectrometry...
Keywords: airborne electro-magnetic surveys , airborne geophysics , airborne magnetic survey 400 Years Of "De Magnete"
Historical review of geomagnetism, from the discovery of the compass to plate tectonics and space observations. Also has instructions for teachers, glossary, and FAQ.
Keywords: compass , course , de magnete , dip needle , geomagnetism , german , history Mt Basics
Magnetotellurics (MT) is a geophysical method to study the distribution of electrical conductivity in the earth. Article includes examples of recordings and resistivity ... Genetic Algorithms In Joint Inversion
Research discussing some of the advantages and disadvantages of using genetic algorithms for joint inversion of different geophysical datasets, particularly ...
Keywords: genetic algorithm , joint inversion , receiver function Astronomical And Geophysical Data Analysis Services
Collects observations, analyzes, distributes and publishes information and data related to astronomy, geodesy, geophysics and allied sciences.

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