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Site Listings Colage: People With A Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Or Queer Parent
COLAGE is a national youth-driven network of people with a lesbian, gay, bisxual, transgender, or queer parent.
Keywords: activism , bisexual , children , family , gay , kids , lesbian , parenting , parents Straight Spouse Network
International organization providing personal and confidential support and information to heterosexual spouses and partners of lesbian, gay, or transgender mates and ... Transsexualism And Gender Transition Faq For Significant Others, Friends, Family
Information on transsexualism and gender transition for friends, family, co-workers of the transgendered person. Q & A format. Supportive, simple, clear content.
Keywords: transexual , transexualism , transexuality , transexuals , transgender

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