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Each individual can share a distinctive culture, race, ethnicity, language, sexuality, religion, etc, but at the end we are all human beings and must interact and understand each other. Every person is an important part of society because each one has something to contribute. Each one of us evolves around our own private social circles, which in turn develop around our families and then grow into our daily jobs and peers. When talking about society, it can be divided in different areas, either educational, governmental, politics, personal societies, health care, lifestyle choices, religion, even the many activities that people have and here we have it all.

People, environment and social projects and practices are what make a society. Each society is composed of diverse cultures and each one has it's own ideologies and fundamentals that make each human being unique and different from others.

HotvsNot helps you find what you are looking for, here you will find various categories for every aspect of society. Learn how different groups of individuals share goals, behavior and culture, and how they interact with each other to form a group or community.

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