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Sports are popular, for some more exciting than others, but at the end they give us entertainment. For many sports lovers, sports can be divided into many areas, active sports, adventure sports, outdoors sports, etc. You can‘t compare mountain climbing to golf just the same as you can‘t compare baseball to white-water rafting.

There’s fans everywhere and for every sport. You don’t necessarily have to play them, just watching them is also exciting. The competitiveness is something that people enjoy, whether being part of a team or just rooting out for their favorite team. The reason why people play sports vary; you either enjoy it and like being part of a team or just do it to get some exercise or mingle with different people.
Playing sports are a great way of staying in shape, it gives you discipline, self-esteem, responsibility, commitment, it shows you how to work together as a team and it’s a great way to take your mind off everyday worries.
There are sports that can be done as a way of spending time with your children, family or friends and then you have the sports that has to be played as a team. There’s some that provide light exercise, but it’s good for the body and mind. Golf for example, it’s appealing because it’s played outdoors, it’s something tranquil, but it gives your body the necessary exercise.
There are a wide variety of challenging activities and adventure sports such as mountain biking, mountain climbing, skiing and fishing. Water sports are challenging as well. They are exciting, fun and there’s many to choose from: body boarding, skiing, surfing, tubing and wake boarding among others. Then we have some of the physically challenging sports such as boxing, American football, rugby and the now so popular ultimate fighting. And let’s not also forget some of the favorite ones like basketball and baseball which remain the most played sports in America.

Not only have sports become popular, but also sport stores. They offer a wide variety to choose from athletic shoes, sports equipment, sportswear and accessories. Sport bars have changed the meaning of watching a game with friends where a whole crowd comes together rooting each team in a sport geared environment.
Online sports are another great attraction for sport lovers. You can find all kind of online games and downloads including baseball, basketball, football, hockey, tennis, golf and many more. Fantasy sports has created a whole new way of the sports industry with clubs and fans creating the possibility of following players performance on and off court to see how your picks will compare to another.
If you are a sports fan and want to learn more about your favorite sport, HotvsNot is the right place. Our sports directory provides you with complete information on all sports whether it‘s history, events, players, teams, sporting goods and fantasy sports, we‘ve got it all.

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