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United States of America (English United States of America) is a country located almost entirely in North America, also a state in Oceania. Comprises 50 states and one federal district. It also has subsidiaries located in several areas in the West and in Oceania. Its form of government is a presidential republic and federal levels. With about 305,000,000 people is the third most populous country in the world, although it is somewhat far from the first two, China and India.In North America are located 49 states, of which 48 are contiguous continental states in the region between Canada and Mexico. Alaska is in the northeast of North America, separated from the other states by the Canadian territory of British Columbia. The Polynesian islands of Hawaii is located in the Pacific Ocean. The federal capital, Washington, is located in the District of Columbia, between the states of Maryland and northern Virginia to the south.The name United States of America was proposed by Thomas Paine and was first used officially in the Declaration of Independence adopted on July 4, 1776. It is often said United States for short. Sometimes incorrectly called the United States of America, leading to confusion in its adjective. In Spanish, it is not acceptable use of America as a shorthand name for this country, because there are other nations that share the North American continent. Similarly, America should also not be used to refer exclusively to the United States, even if it is a widespread habit among the English speakers use the name of the continent as a shorthand name for the nation. When writing, the abbreviation is often used EE. UU. (mandatory intermediate space and points for being an abbreviation not an acronym) and to a lesser extent, the letters USA. In Spanish is totally wrong, but frequent use of the acronym USA.

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